Ozone: There are several known actions of ozone on human body, such as immuno-stimulating and analgesic, anti-hypoxic and detoxicating, antimicrobial, bioenergetic and biosynthetic. We use ozone with many of our conventional treatments for enhanced results:

  • Prophylaxis and prevention of dental caries
  • Remineralisation of pit and fissure, root and smooth surface caries
  • Restoration of open cavitations along with conventional conservative measures
  • Bleaching of discoloured root canal treated teeth
  • Endodontic treatment
  • Desensitization of extremely sensitive tooth necks
  • Soft tissue pathoses
  • The treatment of infected, badly healing wounds and inflammatory process

Laser Dentistry: Laser offers unparalleled precision treatment for teeth whitening and decay removal

Digital Panoramic X-Rays: Dr Nazila Satvat is among the very few dentists who uses this technology. It provides high resolution images while keeping the radiation dose to minimum (90% reduction compare to conventional X-Ray devices)

Air Abrasion: This is a painless technique to remove decay from parts of teeth without drilling. A stream of fine particles is targeted toward the region of interest which acts like a sandblaster.

Intraoral Camera: Not only this helps the dentist to take color images from close distance of your teeth, but also gives you the option to see what your dentist sees.