1. Misaligned Bite

    Balance your misaligned bite to resolve your TMJ pain It’s very apparent that the way your teeth fit together (your bite or occlusion) has a profound influence on how you look. What you may not know is that this can have an even more profound influence on how you feel. When teeth fit together prop…Read More

  2. Airway Issues

    Bad sleep, poor health. How TMJ can cause airway issues It’s your body’s way of rejuvenating itself as your cells go through vital repairs. However, when you are robbed of sleep, it can leave you feeling sluggish, in a fog, as if you had never been to bed in the first place. If you are feeling a…Read More

  3. TMJ Migraines & Headaches

    Suffering from migraines or headaches? Our neuromuscular dentistry could be the solution. A dentist’s visit may help you find a solution for disruptive, migraine-like headaches… It could be a Temporomandibular joint disorder (also known as TMD or TMJ) which is a condition centered in the conn…Read More

  4. TMJ Jaw Pain

      Something wrong with your jaw? Do you have a pain in your jaw that won’t go away? If your doctor has found nothing wrong, youcould have a problem with your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). When the jaw or your bite has lost its alignment it can cause pain in your TMJ. Typically, TMJ jaw pain …Read More

  5. TMJ Ear Pain

    What’s causing your ear pain? If you find yourself struggling with problems with your ears, you’re not alone. Many Americans fight with a dull ache, vertigo, a ringing noise, or a sense of congestion in their ears on a daily basis. In some cases, these problems may simply be a nuisance. However,…Read More

  6. TMJ Face & Sinus Pain

    The cause of face and sinus pain can be identified through careful examination If face pain is your constant companion, it can be the source of great frustration. Tenderness in your jaw, pain in your teeth, and sinus pain can make your life miserable. If all measures have failed to bring you relief …Read More

  7. TMJ Neck & Shoulder Pain

      Are you plagued by TMJ neck and shoulder pain? Your neck and shoulders are killing you. You’ve taken painkillers, gone to the chiropractor, and had x-rays taken by your primary physician and no one has any answers. If your neck pain and shoulder pain don’t go away soon, you’re going to …Read More

  8. TMJ Diagnosis

    Want to get rid of TMJ pain? Take the first step: A TMJ diagnosis. Millions of Americans suffer the painful symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ or TMD), yet the condition is often misdiagnosed by health care providers without experience in the field of neuromuscular dentistry because …Read More

  9. Orthotic Solutions

      Get your bite back and get rid of the pain Is a TMJ disorder ruining your life? Your jaw is essential for your well-being. When it works properly, your daily activities will too. However, when the temporomandibular joint has a problem, you can suffer in many ways. The temporomandibular joint …Read More

  10. Smile Rejuvenation

     Smile Rejuvenation: Relieve TMJ pain, improve oral health, enhance your smile When you have problems with your teeth and jaw, you don't want to smile. Missing teeth, teeth that have been broken, or teeth that have been ground down over time can make you hide every time someone picks up a camera. …Read More