1. Things That Can Ruin Your Teeth

    4 Things That Can Ruin Your Teeth Your teeth are designed to chew food for your body to digest. Unfortunately, too often, teeth are used for other things that can be a detriment your oral health. Here are four common things that can harm your teeth: 1. Grinding your teeth Teeth grinding wears teeth …Read More

  2. Stages of Dental Caries

    5 Stages of Dental Caries and How to Prevent Them From Getting Worse Cavities are common in children and adults alike and can compromise your oral health. Treatment should begin before a painful visit to your dentist is needed. Do you know the signs and stages of dental caries or cavities? Stage 1: …Read More

  3. Sleep Loss Effects

    Feeling sleepy all the time? Perhaps its sleep apnea Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder which can cause extreme fatigue due to sleep loss and can affect many areas of your life, including driving, relationships and the onset of depression. Driving while tired is an established risk factor for being inv…Read More