1. Safe Amalgam Filling Replacement

    " Metal fillings can put your health at risk.” AMALGAM FILLING REPLACEMENT: SAFE, HEALTHY, PRETTY For more than a hundred and fifty years, metal amalgam fillings were the standard in general dentistry practice. But advances in technology have given us a better option. Santa Monica dentist Dr. Ana …Read More

  2. Metal Free Fillings

    “There is a non-toxic alternative for mercury fillings…” Remove the mercury fillings and replace them with metal free fillings Traditional metal fillings, the silver colored ones we all know so well, are made of a mixture or amalgamation of metals. They’re called amalgam fillings for that re…Read More

  3. White Fillings

    Ready for better fillings? New filling materials have been available for quite some time but, in many dental practices, amalgam remains the norm for dental fillings. Not at Santa Monica's Brightleaf Dental! Not only are metal fillings unsightly, they contain mercury. Mercury is a controversial produ…Read More

  4. Metal Dental Fillings

    The truth about metal dental fillings If you are in your 30's, 40's, or beyond, you can probably recall the days when metal fillings were the only options for treating dental cavities. In prior decades, it was standard practice to fill cavities in teeth with silver (amalgam) fillings - fillings whic…Read More