1. Adult Braces

    "Metal braces rank at the top of the list of tooth straightening options." Adult braces: effective, fast, beautiful results Are you dreaming of a perfectly straight set of teeth, but are concerned about wearing braces? Advances in modern dentistry have opened the doors to a variety of options when i…Read More

  2. Invisalign

    "Invisalign are custom-made plastic aligners to shift your teeth into the correct position.”  Invisalign: an invisible solution for straighter teeth Metal braces have long been the standard for treating bite conditions and correcting unevenly spaced teeth, but an increasing number of teens and ad…Read More

  3. Bioliners

    "Bioliners are clear braces that help straighten your teeth to improve your smile.”  Bioliners: invisible, comfortable, affordable If you’ve been wondering what your smile might look like with straighter teeth but are intimidated by the process of metal braces, Dr. Ana Brightleaf is happy to an…Read More

  4. Things to Know About Invisalign

    Do you need to have your teeth shifted? Modern dental orthodontics available at Brightleaf Dental offer a number of different techniques which help to position your teeth in a more normal and natural looking position. You need to arrange a consultation to allow Dr. Brightleaf to assess your requirem…Read More