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Holistic Dentist

Brightleaf Dental

Nazila Satvat, DDS

Cosmetic Dentist & Holistic Dentist located in Santa Monica, CA

At Brightleaf Dental in Santa Monica, California, Nazila Satvat, DDS, gives you the best modern dentistry has to offer while minimizing toxicity, adverse physical reactions, and immune system responses. This is accomplished through holistic dentistry in which Dr. Satvat cares for your teeth and gums in a way that contributes to your overall health. For more questions on holistic dentistry, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Holistic Dentist Q & A

What is a holistic dentist?

A holistic dentist is someone who provides you with the highest-quality modern dental care, uses the latest dental technology, and eliminates all potential toxins from dental materials.

Dr. Satvat and the team at Brightleaf Dental take a natural approach to dental care that doesn’t put you at risk of negative health side effects from exposure to harmful products.

Dr. Satvat subscribes to the idea that the body is designed to heal itself, so her dental work helps keep dental treatments as minimally invasive as possible while using materials that aren’t toxic to your body.

If you’re looking to have your dental problems treated and made better, Dr. Satvat does so using low radiation X-rays, homeopathic remedies, and steering clear of toxic materials such as mercury in fillings or crowns.

She also avoids pharmaceutical drugs traditionally used in pain control and dental anxiety. Instead, she uses an amino acid supplement called Kavinace.

Why doesn’t Dr. Satvat use metal for her dental procedures?

According to the American Dental Association, up to 76% of dentists use silver fillings when filling a cavity. Dr. Satvat and her team pride themselves in not using unnecessary, unnatural, and harmful products when there are other alternatives.

At Brightleaf Dental, instead of using metals and alloys for fillings, crowns, or bridges, Dr. Satvat only uses resin or porcelain. The reason for this is because metal has the following cons:

  • Breaks down and oxidizes
  • Can cause allergic reactions
  • Metal expands and contracts with heat and cold
  • Requires more tooth removal in fillings

For decades, dentists performed treatments using metals and alloys. However, there is research that suggests these metals may cause health problems ranging from neurological problems to feeling fatigued.

What are the different types of dental treatments?

The following dental treatments are available at Brightleaf dental using only the highest-quality materials that work well with your body and are safe:

  • Dental emergencies
  • Dental implants
  • Dental fillings
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Dentures
  • Teeth extractions
  • Orthodontics, including InvisalignⓇ
  • Dental veneers
  • Full mouth reconstruction

To learn more about holistic dentistry and how Dr. Satvat can help you, call Brightleaf Dental or schedule an appointment online today.