There are many potential causes of TMD. There is almost always a genetic component, a predisposition so to speak. If we look back at the studies Weston Price did, showing us how we were each affected in the development of narrow arches from the sugar and white flour our great-great grandparents ate which affected their breathing with muscles connected to tongue, lips, and throat that produced abnormal jaw movement so they could breathe well. These muscle contractions actively influence the shape of the bone the teeth sit in and when the jaw bones become misshapen, the teeth get crowded. So there are environmental factors influencing the genetics which then get carried down the family line. Currently air pollution is one of these factors, making anyone living in the Santa Monica/Los Angeles area at a higher risk for TMD.  

Caught early enough (even at 4 years old) by recognizing the signs and symptoms, we can influence body with functional orthopedics towards the optimal health before the debilitating effects of TMD become entrenched.

Because the symptoms are not always directly in the location of the source of the problem, the situation often gets misdiagnosed. After many unsuccessful attempts to resolve the symptoms with a variety of doctors, the patient finally is directed to a TMD dentist.