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Without its proper alignment your mouth might be at risk of developing serious oral health conditions and experience a range of subtle to severe symptoms:

crowded teeth, overbite
-change in face shape such as sagging or drooping
-development of a lisp or other speech problems
-breathing through the mouth at night and not through the nose
-uneven pressure on the teeth or jaw
headachesmigrainesneck pain and ringing in the ears
-chronic or tingling pain that travels down the arms and hands
-jaw that clicks or locks upon opening or closing


How Can I Correct My Misaligned Bite?

For bites that are misaligned due to crooked, gapped or shifted teeth, orthodontics such as braces or our Invisalign Custom Aligners can effectively reposition the teeth for a bite that rests more naturally and improves your abilities to eat, chew, and speak comfortably. Dr. Satvat may also recommend using custom designed mouthpieces known as orthotics to help realign the jaw or prevent teeth gnashing at night.



For some patients the symptoms of TMJ painTMD or an uncomfortable bite occurs only after receiving orthodontic treatment, but why? While straightening your teeth can have incredible life-changing results, patients who receive care with a purely cosmetic focus may risk developing long-lasting painful conditions such as TMD or a misaligned bite. By the time a patient recognizes their jaw pain will not go away, they could be left with a chronic condition that needs expert care to correct. At Brightleaf Dental, we recognize this problem and that is why we go beyond focusing on cosmetic dentistry alone to observe and respond to how the whole body responds to changes in your dental health over time.



At Brightleaf dental, we believe that by changing the position of your teeth we can change the position of your jaw relative to your bite and face shape. As one of the few dental practices that focuses on applying gneuromuscular orthodontics, we take neuromuscular dentistryone step further by analyzing the gnathological principles involved in the form of your bite. By monitoring how your muscles, joints, and even nerves respond when teeth shift, we can not only locate and treat the cause of your jaw pain or discomfort, but can reduce the risks of developing TMJ pain in the first place. Our dedication to practicing gneuromuscular principles means using gentle but effective treatments to improve the health and cosmetic appearance of your teeth while preventing pain and restoring your teeth to their confident functionality.

– Our TENS machine emits mild electrical stimulation on your jaw, neck and shoulder areas to allow your jaw muscles to relax. This simple non-surgical treatment is ideal for finding the optimal bite position and can have a significant impact on the alignment of your jaw.

-Our K-7 Evaluation System places electrodes on various muscles throughout the body to help measure muscle relaxation or tension and study the muscles related in jaw movement. This system aids in properly pacing the orthotic and measure its effect on the jaw and muscles in the body.


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