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A white smile has never been easier to achieve. With so many products advertised and readily available, it’s easy to get your hands on products that promise a whiter smile. Though that may be the case, how many of these products are actually providing the smile that you desire? The team at Brightleaf Dental have provided the Santa Monica area with high-quality cosmetic services for years, one of the many being whitenings.

Over the years we’ve seen various products and procedures surface, all promising a whiter smile. Unfortunately, so many of them have fallen through and been unable to actually provide what it is that they’re advertising. For that reason, we stand proudly behind the KöR Whitening trays and the approach that they have taken on.

An Introduction To Kör Whitening

For those of you that are unfamiliar with KöR Whitening, this is a procedure that has taken into consideration all of the components and complications that these other whitening techniques have stumbled upon. When you take a deeper look at the various products that are well known for their “whitening” abilities, you’ll see that very rarely are they delivering the results that they promise. Not only is this frustrating as a dental professional, but it’s upsetting to see clients who are upset with the results that they’ve received.

All of that being said, we’ve found a procedure that is not only effective, but it’s something that we can stand behind. KöR Whitening has looked at all of the different types of whitening procedures and products and has worked to discover a technique that can truly provide individuals with the results that they’re looking for. In order to truly understand what makes this whitening process so incredible you need to first understand the overall approach of whitening products and how KöR Whitening has enhanced it.

The Whitening Process

Discoloration of teeth takes very little to occur. From the foods that we eat to the care that we provide to our teeth, it’s extremely common for us to struggle with a little bit of yellowing. In order to counter the yellowing, most procedures and products use a peroxide gel. These gels work by creating hydrogen peroxide and using it on your teeth. Unfortunately, most of these products and procedures aren’t’ accounting for the effect of saliva on the gel.

You see, saliva can break down these gels in a matter of seconds, and when the procedure or product is only calling for a maximum time of 30 minutes more often than not, your teeth aren’t getting the exposure to these ingredients that they need to actually see results.

Now, another common ingredient in whitening products and procedures is bleach. This approach can definitely provide individuals with a whiter smile, but it comes with a cost. Sensitive teeth are known for being a part of what you sign up for when you choose to bleach your teeth to achieve that glowing white smile. For us, that sensitivity just isn’t worth the money that you pay for a white smile that is still temporary.

After giving you an idea of why these common whitening practices don’t work, it’s time to explain why KöR Whitening does. We are over the moon about this procedure and the proven results that it provides time and time again.

How Kör Whitening Is Different

We just finished talking about so many of the downfalls that common whitening products and procedures have. One of the main points that we talked about was the fact that saliva and its reaction to the solution will rarely provide enough exposure to your teeth for them to see results. This is one of the many things that KöR Whitening wanted to fix when they started working on their technique.

The KöR Whitening trays are similar to many of the products and techniques that people use to whiten their teeth, the main difference being in the trays. The trays that are used in the KöR Whitening procedure applies the whitening gel directly to the teeth without letting any saliva get in the way. This design heightens the time that your teeth are exposed to the gel and has provided results time and time again.

If you’re tired of trying new products and spending money on expensive procedures, it’s time to turn to KöR Whitening. This is the procedure that you’ve been waiting for, and we can’t wait to show you what it’s capable of doing!

Frequently Asked Questions About Kör Whitening

Given that this process is on the newer side of whitening techniques, it makes complete sense to have questions regarding the process, the solution, and the results to be expected. Here are a few of the questions that we receive on a frequent basis.


KöR Whitening has made it so that sensitivity is the last thing that you worry about when you’re whitening your teeth. The desensitizer in our procedure makes it so that all sensitivity issues are taken care of before they ever become a problem. The best part about the KöR desensitizer is that it doesn’t just treat the symptoms of sensitivity — it prevents them, truly.

Our desensitizer plugs and re-plugs the orifices in your dentinal tubules that create sensitivity, inflammation, and pain. By doing this, you don’t have to worry about struggling with discomfort throughout the whitening process.


Long lasting results is exactly what you want when talking about whitening, so it’s definitely not a bad thing that KöR Whitening results last longer. If you’re curious about what exactly is providing these long-term results, we’re not here to hide it from you! This whitening system is designed to fully rejuvenate and restore teeth to a point where they are again able to absorb and take advantage of the bleaching agents that we’re using.

Because this approach is rejuvenating teeth, it provides our patients with a permanently white smile. Regardless of the amount of coffee, wine or tea that you drink your smile will remain bright and white!


As with many whitening products, the KöR Whitening system is constructed with a variety of components, and that’s what makes it successful! Following the system, as suggested is the best way to ensure that you have wanted. Each step, regardless of how small it is, plays a vital part in providing the results that we stand behind. If there are any steps that you’re confused about or you’re uncertain about, talk to your dentist and have them provide you with the guidance necessary to complete the system as suggested.

Kör Whitening System – What Are Your Options?

Every smile is different, and everyone’s goals are different. That’s why there are various options when choosing which KöR Whitening system is right for you. We’re going to provide you with a brief overview of the different systems that are available below, but the best way to truly know which KöR Whitening system is best for you is by visiting your cosmetic dentist and having a full consultation done to ensure that expectations and steps are practiced properly and at the right time.


If you’re looking for a whitening system that you can do in the comfort of your home, this may be exactly what you’re looking for. The KöR Home system allows patients to get the same professional results at a reasonable cost. There are both night and day programs to take advantage, each requiring a different system to follow.

This program is a shorter treatment timeline and is ideal for all individuals looking for a whiter, brighter smile. We work hard to ensure that all treatments can take place in the comfort of your home so that you can slowly but surely start working towards that whiter smile.


The most commonly used KöR Whitening system is going to be our KöR Max. This system is extremely versatile and especially effective. This specific system will combine the at-home whitening system with one additional in-office visit. The combination of both systems allows for the patients taking advantage of KöR Max system to receive the absolute best results possible.

Similar to the KöR Home system, this system lasts at least two weeks. Any additional time with the whitening treatment will be based on the needs of the patient.


If you have darker stains that you’re worried about taking care of, then the KöR Ultra is the system that could be best for your smile. This particular system is best for stubborn smiles that need a little bit of extra attention in regards to whitening. Though the system is known for working with some of the more stubborn stains, the treatment itself doesn’t differ all that much. This is also going to include the KöR Home system while adding in a couple of in-office appointments.

The combination of the at-home system with the treatments that will take place in the office with your cosmetic dentist is so that those stubborn stains on your teeth get all of the attention needed for long-term results. This is a system that may last a little longer depending on your smile but will be determined upon a consultation with your dentist.


Has a dentist told you that the stains on your teeth had no chance of being treated? Well, the KöR Ultra-T system is designed with tetracycline stains in mind. This treatment takes these particular stains and conditions into consideration. With the high-quality whitening gel and an extended treatment timeline, this product can provide you with the whitening results that other dental professionals have been denying you.

As we mentioned before, the best way to determine which KöR Whitening System is best for you is to schedule a consultation with your cosmetic dentist. Reach out to our team today if you’re interested in learning more about which system we’d suggest for you and your needs.


We’ve covered all of the basis in regards to how KöR Whitening can provide you with the beautiful, white smile that you’ve always wanted — so what are you waiting for? Whether you’re interested in getting more information or you’re ready to book your consult, our team is here to help. Contact us today for us to get started. We can’t wait to help you with the smile you’ve been dreaming of.

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