1. Safe Amalgam Filling Replacement

    " Metal fillings can put your health at risk.” AMALGAM FILLING REPLACEMENT: SAFE, HEALTHY, PRETTY For more than a hundred and fifty years, metal amalgam fillings were the standard in general dentistry practice. But advances in technology have given us a better option. Santa Monica dentist Dr. Ana …Read More

  2. Santa Monica Cosmetic Dentistry

    Enhance your unique beauty Do you ever gaze at yourself in the mirror and wonder how much better you would look if your teeth were only a little nicer, straighter or whiter? Have you considered cosmetic dentistry as an option because you would really like to love the way you look? Do you hesitate b…Read More

  3. TMJ Face & Sinus Pain

    The cause of face and sinus pain can be identified through careful examination If face pain is your constant companion, it can be the source of great frustration. Tenderness in your jaw, pain in your teeth, and sinus pain can make your life miserable. If all measures have failed to bring you relief …Read More

  4. Teeth Whitening

    "Without a doubt teeth whitening treatment is the easiest, most cost effective way to improve your smile." Teeth whitening, or bleaching, is a simple, non-toxic, non-invasive treatment we use to brighten the color of your tooth enamel to enhance the beauty of your smile. The procedure is performed f…Read More

  5. Celebrity Smiles

    Celebrities have a lot of things going for them, but one of the beauty factors that always stands out among them is their dazzling, white smile. Beautiful smiles aren't just for the rich and famous. At Brightleaf Cosmetic & Holistic Dentistry in Santa Monica, family dentist Dr. Brightleaf is ded…Read More

  6. What is Neuromuscular Dentistry?

    Neuromuscular dentistry is a specialized dental field that focuses on the relationship between your oral health, your general health and the complex network of nerves, muscles, joints and bones in the connective region between your skull and jaw. More specifically, neuromuscular dentistry addresses …Read More

  7. Invisalign – How it Works

    Invisalign is a significant technical advance in the field of orthodontic treatment. While traditional metal braces have been in use by dentists in basically the same form for more than a hundred years, Invisalign is a new orthodontic treatment that gives the modern dentist a revolutionary new way t…Read More

  8. How to fix my underbite

    Are underbites really that bad? Your dentist tells you that you have an overbite, underbite, or other common dental abnormality. How big of a deal is this? After all, nearly 70 percent of children will develop an underbite to some degree, and most people's teeth don't line up perfectly. What damage …Read More

  9. Is red wine bad for your teeth?

    Is red wine bad for your teeth? Alcohol consumption has a direct effect on your dental hygiene.  Based upon the level of alcohol that you consume, both your teeth and your gums can suffer short term and long term damage. Alcohol is corrosive, breaking down the delicate skin of the mouth, particular…Read More

  10. Metal Free Fillings

    “There is a non-toxic alternative for mercury fillings…” Remove the mercury fillings and replace them with metal free fillings Traditional metal fillings, the silver colored ones we all know so well, are made of a mixture or amalgamation of metals. They’re called amalgam fillings for that re…Read More