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Zirconia Implants Vs. Titanium Implants

Whether it’s discoloration, spacing issues, or crooked teeth, getting the smile that you’ve always wanted is no longer impossible. What once took months or even years to accomplish can be done with the help of zirconia implants. In just a few appointments, our team will be able to provide you with a full consultation and solution of how zirconia implants can provide you with a smile that you’re happy to show off.

A smile is a strong trait, one that opens conversations and leaves first impressions, so it makes complete sense that you’d take any opportunity available to build the smile that provides you with optimal confidence. If you’ve looked around at some of the different opportunities available for enhancing your smile, you’ve likely noticed that there are a few types of implants that you can choose from.

Here at Brightleaf Dental, we choose to use Zirconia implants, and for a few different reasons. Today we want to show you a few of the comparisons between the zirconia implants that we offer and one of the more common materials used titanium implants.

Material Matters

Titanium implants have been around for decades, but as of late, the zirconia implants have become the more popular option because of their holistic approach to dental implants. One of the reasons is because of the material that they’re made of. Zirconia is a ceramic, non-metal material that offers the same dental solutions like that of titanium. Given that it is a ceramic solution that these implants are made of, the overall implant is of a white color that matches the natural color of teeth.

Now that you have a better idea about zirconia implants and the material that they are made from, we’ll cover the implant option that has been around a little bit longer. Titanium implants are made from a metal material, and they look it! While these implants still offer the potential for a better smile, the metal material is what people have a hard time settling on. It’s the ceramic option of the zirconia implants and how well it meshes with the natural color of teeth, while still providing a long-term dental solution, that makes them the more popular option.

Titanium implants are known for leaving a little bit of an underline directly below the gums or under the tooth edge. For some, it’s this aesthetic that makes titanium implants all the less appealing. While it’s definitely not a big difference in the look if you’re someone that wants to see a streamline and natural end result, zirconia implants may be the better option.

Overall, though, the material of both options are safe for you to have in your mouth because they are both FDA approved options. The only note that has really been made regarding titanium implants is that there have been small traces of titanium alloy that has been found in the bloodstream. Though this isn’t ideal, multiple studies have been conducted over the past 50 years, and none have proven that this is something to be concerned about.

The Process

We’re currently talking about dental implants, which immediately brings dental procedures to mind. For that reason, we feel it’s essential to break down how these two different types of implants differ in regards to the process. After all, the overall procedure that you’ll have to go through is one of the main components that can make or break your final decision. Though the end results for these different types of implants do vary some, one of the significant ways that they differ is the procedure that you have to undergo.

Titanium implants are made from a few different metal parts, making them a more intrusive and time-consuming procedure. Zirconia implants, on the other hand, require a shorter surgery because it’s only one piece that’s being implanted rather than multiple. For many, having a shorter surgery makes this type of implant much more appealing. Add on that it’s a less intrusive surgery and you can see why zirconia implants are favored by many.

Determining Your Needs

Both types of implants offer results that will leave your smile looking absolutely beautiful. One thing that you need to consider when you decide which type of implant is ultimately going to be best for you will be what your initial needs are at that moment. Depending on if you need a full set of replacement teeth or you just need a few teeth fixed up, there may be one option that is better than the other.

Titanium implants are composed of a few different pieces, which is what makes them a sturdy option to select. While zirconia implants are also extremely sturdy, they a little bit more challenging to adjust to the mouth. Depending on your teeth, the structure of your mouth, and what changes you’re working to have made, one option may be better for you than the other. The only way to truly determine this, however, is by visiting your dentist to get a full consultation on your options.

Contact Our Team For More Information

The team at Brightleaf Dental hopes to provide the Santa Monica with the information and care that they need to feel great about their smiles. If you’re interested in learning more about the dental implant options that we offer, feel free to contact our office and set up a consultation with Dr. Nazila Satvat. A thorough consultation will allow us to best determine what your dental needs are and which approach is going to yield the best outcome.

We hope to see you in our office soon!

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