Don’t let a sleep disorder steal your sleep

Loss of sleep not only lowers your quality of life but also puts you at risk of accidents and the potential for serious health problems. Here’s a deeper look at sleep apnea, one of the more common types of sleep disorders. It’s a serious problem and can ruin your life if you don’t find a way to solve it.

How sleep apnea can steal your sleep

Sleep apnea is a condition caused by your airway collapsing while you are asleep. When it collapses, you momentarily stop breathing and you respond by waking up suddenly so the sudden movement clears your airway and normal breathing is restored. This sudden awakening is often accompanied with gasping and coughing. It can happen many times throughout the night which disallows your body from taking advantage of deep sleep which is vital to ward off fatigue throughout the day leading to depression and loss of performance in all areas of life. If you think that you have sleep apnea and you feel exhausted throughout the day you need to get a proper diagnosis of your sleep disorder. This means you should have a sleep study so that a determination can be made regarding your snoring problem and breathing problems that you are encountering. Through an analysis, treatment options will be available for your sleep disorder.

Solutions for sleepiness could be dental

When you attend a consultation at our dental office we will tell you what solutions are available to alleviate your sleep problem. There are ways you can help yourself too such as losing weight which releases fat from around your face and neck which contributes to your sleep disorder by blocking your airway when you drop off to sleep. You can also ensure your room is at a suitable temperature and that pets are kept keeping out of your bedroom. Avoiding going to bed with food in your stomach is a good measure too. These are for mild cases of sleep apnea.

If you have moderate or severe sleep apnea, clinical treatment may be your only choice. There are several tried and tested solutions available such as oral appliances, or surgery which can help treat moderate to severe sleep apnea. We have experience with all the different solutions including mouth guards and tongue retaining devices (TRT).  The CPAP pumps air into your lungs but some people find it uncomfortable to wear. A mouth guard is an orthotic device, custom made, whichkeeps your jaw in a forward position so the airway remains clear. A TRT holds your tongue in the right position so it doesn’t fall back and block your airway.

Find your solution

We offer multiple sleep apnea treatments at Brightleaf Dental in Santa Monica. Learn more about snoring appliances, sleep apnea treatment and a CPAP alternative.