Unhappy with your smile? A crown may be the solution!

Porcelain crowns can be a good dental solution in a variety of circumstances. You may benefit from a porcelain crown for any of the following:

·         Filling a large cavity

·         Repairing chipped or broken teeth

·         Protecting weak teeth

·         Capping a dental implant

·         Replacing an amalgam (metal) filling

·         Porcelain crowns can also be part of a complete smile makeover.

Crowns can not only help you achieve a more natural looking smile, they are safe and non-allergenic, too.

How a crown can make your smile more natural

A porcelain crown provides natural looking solution for your dental problems. Unlike traditional crowns, they will not leave a dark line around your gums. Your porcelain crowns will look and feel like part of your natural smile, only better.

Because your porcelain crown is custom made to fit your smile, it will match the size, shape and color of your natural teeth. The strong porcelain material is resistant to stains. With proper care a porcelain crown can last a lifetime. You will care for your porcelain crowns just like you do your regular teeth with daily brushing and flossing and regular dental checkups.

The safe way to repair your damaged teeth

We don’t use any metal in our crowns as they are not only potentially harmful but they can

·         oxidize

·         break down

·         fail to bond to the tooth’s surface.

We use porcelain or all-resin crowns that match your natural tooth color and blend in nicely with surrounding teeth. There is no metal in porcelain or all-resin crowns, thus taking a metal allergy and the dangers of metal out of the equation.

Placing your dental crowns is a two-step process. During the first visit, Dr. Brightleaf will take a mold of your teeth to use for the custom creation of your permanent crown. She will fit you with a temporary crown until your next visit. On the second visit, your custom made porcelain crown will be permanently adhered to your natural teeth.

Are you ready to learn more?

You can schedule a complimentary consultation and we’ll answer all your questions about metal-free crowns. We can help you obtain and maintain a fabulous natural smile.

Santa Monica cosmetic dentist Dr. Brightleaf treats each smile as a work of art and can customize your dental crowns to meet your needs, giving you a dazzling smile.

What types of dental crowns are available today?

While there are many types of dental crowns available today: gold, metal, porcelain fused to metal, resin, and porcelain, at Brightleaf Dental we don’t use any metal in our dental crowns. Why?

A metal mouth is not natural

Our holistic approach to dental crowns can prevent many issues associated with the use of metals in a dental tooth crown. By using a healthy and natural approach to dentistry, we can help you enhance and preserve your smile for years to come.

Some patients have reported allergic reactions to metal crowns, which is why we prefer to use metal-free crowns in our Santa Monica office. The other issues associated with metal are it:

  • oxidizes
  • breaks down
  • doesn’t bond to the the tooth’s surface

Porcelain or all-resin crowns match your natural tooth color, blending nicely with surrounding teeth. There is no metal in porcelain or all-resin crowns thus taking the metal allergy out of the equation.

Complimentary Consultation

Steer clear of harmful materials

Metal crowns contain mercury and other metals, putting you at risk for possibly developing health issues associated with the metals. A metal dental tooth crown is highly visible due to the silver color and cannot be colored to blend with surrounding teeth.

Metal crowns containing mercury pose a health risk to your dentist and dental assistants when handled or disposed of, which is why we use metal free dental crowns in our Santa Monica office.

Our natural approach to dental care and tooth repair does not put you or our staff at risk from exposure to harmful products. We take pride in providing the standard of service and safety you would expect from a holistic dental practice.

Are you ready to learn more about natural products for your dental needs?

Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation and we’ll answer all your questions about metal-free crowns. We can help you obtain and maintain a fabulous natural smile.