Smile Rejuvenation: Relieve TMJ pain, improve oral health, enhance your smile

When you have problems with your teeth and jaw, you don’t want to smile. Missing teeth, teeth that have been broken, or teeth that have been ground down over time can make you hide every time someone picks up a camera.

Worse yet, you could find yourself struggling with debilitating pain that troubles you much more than cosmetic problems. If your bite has been affected by orthodontic changes or your jaw is out of alignment, a TMJ disorder could make life miserable.

TMJ disorders strike when there are problems surrounding the temporomandibular joint. This vital joint connects the upper and lower jaw. When it is misaligned, inflamed, or strained, pain can be a constant companion, radiating from your jaw to your ears, head, neck, and shoulders. Complete smile rejuvenation could resolve your TMJ disorder and give you a beautiful smile. 

Complimentary Consultation

Smile rejuvenation means a healthier, happier you

If you have complex problems going on with your teeth, you could be a good candidate for smile rejuvenation. Think of smile rejuvenation as a complete restoration of your smile. Through a host of dental procedures, you can finally restore order in your mouth. Once your teeth are in tip-top shape, your bite and jaw will work properly and TMJ pain will go away. When you live a life free from pain, you will be happier and healthier.

Rebuild your smile

When you choose smile rejuvenation, it means getting to the root of the problems in your mouth and building a strong foundation. You may need dental implants, crowns, and veneers to restore the appearance of beautiful teeth and make them function effectively once more. Orthodontic options may be beneficial as well. When the contours of your teeth have been restored, your bite works properly, and your jaw is aligned, you will find relief. With that relief comes a smile that you will love as you are happy to look in the mirror once again.

Take the first step toward a brighter smile

To find out how smile rejuvenation can help you, visit Dr. Ana Brightleaf, Santa Monica TMJ dentist. Through a careful examination and advances in technology, she’ll get to the bottom of TMJ pain, recommending treatment options to relieve your pain and restore your smile.