Get your bite back and get rid of the pain

Is a TMJ disorder ruining your life? Your jaw is essential for your well-being. When it works properly, your daily activities will too. However, when the temporomandibular joint has a problem, you can suffer in many ways.

The temporomandibular joint connects the upper and lower jaw bones together, allowing them to open and close smoothly when you chew, talk, or yawn. When this joint becomes misaligned, inflamed, or strained, you can feel pain that could extend from your jaw to your ears, head, neck, and shoulders.

Your TMJ disorder could stem from various problems including broken teeth, teeth that have been worn down, or a misalignment as your bite no longer works properly anymore.

TMJ issues revolve around teeth

If you are missing teeth, if they have worn down over the years, or if teeth have broken, your bite will no longer line up properly. This can cause undue strain as your jaw attempts to compensate for the lack of balance. A misalignment of your jaw could result as well. Grinding your teeth while you sleep could be the main culprit as it puts stress on your bite and the surface of your teeth. If any of these have caused your TMJ disorder, Dr. Brightleaf can offer various alternatives to get rid of your pain.

Get to the bottom of your pain

The first thing you need to do is have a firm understanding of what is causing your TMJ disorder. Dr. Ana Brightleaf, Santa Monica TMJ doctor / dentist, is someone you can trust as she has a rigorous education, experience and caring manner that will put you at ease. Through the use of the latest equipment and a thorough evaluation, Dr. Brightleaf can determine why TMJ pain is plaguing you.

Find the key

If you grind your teeth, a mouth-guard could be the answer. If your jaw or bite is out of alignment, a splint or brace could correct the issue as you wear a simple, nearly invisible splint over your back, lower teeth. Other solutions include implants or veneers to ensure your bite is restored. Please come in to discuss the options for effective TMJ treatment and get rid of TMJ pain fast.