Suffering from migraines or headaches? Our neuromuscular dentistry could be the solution.

A dentist’s visit may help you find a solution for disruptive, migraine-like headaches… It could be a Temporomandibular joint disorder (also known as TMD or TMJ) which is a condition centered in the connective region between the jaw and skull that can cause intense chronic headaches and other painful symptoms. Santa Monica neuromuscular dentist Dr. Ana Brightleaf has helped numerous patients correct the bite conditions that can contribute to TMD/TMJ and end their discomfort.

Complimentary Consultation

How do bite problems cause headaches?

Neuromuscular dentistry focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of jaw joint dysfunction. Often, a misaligned bite is to blame for the added stress on the network of nerves, tendons, muscles, joints and bones where your jaw and skull connect.

Headaches are the most commonly reported symptom among those who suffer from TMJ/TMD. Using state-of-the-art technology, Dr. Brightleaf can pinpoint the source of your discomfort and devise a treatment plan to relieve your symptoms.

Put your bite in its place

TMJ/TMD treatment may involve several stages including jaw relaxation therapy with TENS electrical stimulation, bite stabilization with oral appliances or physical therapy.The goal is to permanently correct your bite so it rests in an optimal position.

If you suffer from chronic headaches, migraine headaches, facial pain, neck and shoulder pain, ringing ears, and jaw clicking or popping, you may be experiencing temporomandibular joint disorder.

If you would like to learn more about TMJ/TMD diagnosis and treatment, please contact Brightleaf Dental to schedule your consultation with Santa Monica neuromuscular dentist Dr. Ana Brightleaf.