The cause of face and sinus pain can be identified through careful examination

If face pain is your constant companion, it can be the source of great frustration. Tenderness in your jaw, pain in your teeth, and sinus pain can make your life miserable.

If all measures have failed to bring you relief and your doctor is shaking his head, there’s another possible answer. You could be dealing with a TMJ disorder.

How a TMJ disorder affects you

Your jaw is made up of a powerful set of muscles, delicate nerves, and strong ligaments. Everything works together to control the temporomandibular joint which connects the upper and lower parts of the jaw. When everything works freely, it’s smooth sailing.

However, if your jaw is out of alignment, inflamed, or strained, it can cause troubling symptoms. If your is bite misaligned,everything is thrown off balance. Your jaw muscles become strained and cramped, causing  jaw pain, sinus pain, migraines, ear aches, a stiff neck, and sore shoulders. The nerves in your jaw could be sensitive due to pressure caused by a TMJ disorder.

Get to the root

When a trip to your physician and home remedies have failed, it’s time to dig deeper. Dr. Ana Brightleaf of Santa Monica’s Brightleaf Dental can help you find the answers that you’re looking for. With a firm foundation in neuromuscular dentistry, Dr. Brightleaf will focus on your symptoms and determine if you have a TMJ disorder. Through careful examination with a variety of resources, problems with your temporomandibular joint can be identified. From that point, a course of treatment can be prescribed.

Put pain behind you

Turn to Dr. Ana Brightleaf, a TMJ doctor that you can trust to find the right treatment plan for you. Your road to recovery could begin with anti-inflammatory medications for pain relief, accompanied with hot or cold compresses. Physical therapy and massage could train your jaw to be positioned properly. A mouth guard tailored to fit your bite could also be effective.

Regardless of the plan, Dr. Brightleaf can find the answer, ridding you of jaw pain and sinus pain.