Could an old jaw or dental injury be the cause of your TMJ pain?

That car accident from last year or the blow to your jaw during football practice months ago could have lasting effects on your health.

If you find yourself struggling with chronic pain in your jaw, head, ears, shoulders, or neck, you could be suffering due to damage caused by an injury to your mouth or jaw.

Your jaw is comprised of a delicate system of bone, muscle, and ligaments. Throw it off balance and your body will shout out a warning. You could be suffering from TMJ trauma and not even know it.

What is TMJ trauma?

TMJ trauma refers to any injury that has affected your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). This joint is essential your day to day life. It should work smoothly when your jaw opens and shuts, whether you’re talking, yawning, or eating. However, when you suffer some type of injury to the jaw, this delicate system can be thrown out of alignment.

The end result can be a host of painful symptoms, including aggravating noises when you open and shut your jaw, dizzy spells, major headaches, chronic earaches, pain in your jaw, or an aching neck or stiff shoulders. You might not remember the source of your trauma, but your body remembers. You need the help of a Santa Monica TMJ specialist, like Dr. Ana Brightleaf, who focuses on TMJ disorders through neuromuscular dentistry to resolve the lingering effects of your injury.

Get back in balance

When your jaw is not in proper alignment, your bite won’t line up correctly, placing pressure where it doesn’t belong. The strain to the muscles and ligamentssurrounding the temporomandibular joint can then cause a ripple effect, traveling to your neck, head, shoulders, and ears and to your jaw. Unless you get treatment from a TMJ specialist, your symptoms will not go away.

Relieve your pain

Dr. Brightleaf has the education, experience, and equipment to identify TMJ trauma and find the answers you need to eliminate your symptoms. Through an examination, scans, and analysis of your bite, otherwise known as ocular analysis, Dr. Brightleaf will study how your jaw is functioning and recommend treatment options. Make an appointment to find answers today.