Do you need to have your teeth shifted?

Modern dental orthodontics available at Brightleaf Dental offer a number of different techniques which help to position your teeth in a more normal and natural looking position. You need to arrange a consultation to allow Dr. Brightleaf to assess your requirements and discuss with you what your best options might be.

What are the options?

There are a number of different techniques available. These all have their pros and cons and you need your dentist to explain which options are best for you. They include:

·         Invisalign

·         Bioliners

·         Adult braces

What is Invisalign?

For many teenagers and adults with minor to moderate bite problems or teeth spacing issues, Invisalign offers an effective and comfortable alternative to traditional metal braces.

Invisalign uses a series of clear, custom-made plastic aligners to progressively shift your teeth into proper position. Each set of aligners fits snugly over your teeth and features minor adjustments to gradually straighten your teeth. You swap out your aligners for a new set approximately every two weeks. Because the aligners are composed of clear, dental-grade plastic and are form-fitting, Invisalign is virtually invisible.

Invisalign can effectively correct most minor to moderate teeth spacing issues and bite conditions including:

·         Crossbite

·         Overbite

·         Underbite

·         Unevenly spaced teeth

·         Crowded teeth

·         More comfortable, faster, removable

Bioliners: invisible, comfortable and affordable

With nearly invisible Bioliners, you can get results without the hassle of metal brackets. Similar to Invisalign, Bioliners gradually straighten teeth with clear aligners and a more affordable price tag. That means no clunky wires and uncomfortable tightening sessions. Even better, the Bioliners clear plastic aligners are removable, so you don’t have to worry about giving up the foods you love.

Treatment generally involves several rounds of Bioliners followed by the use of the Bioliner Plus for an additional week or two. Overall treatment time varies by individual, but Bioliners typically achieve the desired results in less time than traditional metal braces.

Adult braces: effective, fast, beautiful results

Advances in modern dentistry have opened the doors to a variety of options when it comes to braces. Cosmetically pleasing braces have replaced the bulky ugly braces and headgear of the past.

Ceramic braces have clear or tooth colored brackets and are less noticeable than traditional metal brackets. Although a bit more expensive than metal braces, they work well to straighten teeth.

Invisible braces suit adults quite well as they are just as the name implies, virtually invisible. Removable trays are utilized with this method to straighten your teeth. You will need a new set of trays every two weeks as your teeth move into position. One advantage of invisible braces is that the removable trays allow you to eat without concerning yourself with breaking a wire or bracket.

Metal braces rank at the top of most dentists list of tooth straightening options. Gone are the large metal brackets of yesterday. Rather than wrap completely around the tooth, the smaller brackets of today adhere to the front, reducing the bulk of braces.

Many adults prefer braces on the backs of teeth, called lingual braces, simply for cosmetic reasons. Brackets and wires placed on the backsides of your teeth cannot be seen unless you open your mouth and tilt your head back. Lingual braces have their own set of pitfalls, as they can be difficult to brush properly and hard for your dentist to adjust.

Find out what can shift those teeth

Invisalign, bioliners or traditional or modern braces can all be discussed after a careful examination of your teeth at Brightleaf Dental. The options can be compared according to budget and effectiveness and you can then decide which technique is best for you.

5 things to know about Invisalign

invisalign, santa monica, pacific palisades, beverly hills,  brentwood caIf you have crooked teeth and have been intrigued by the idea of invisible braces, there are a few things you should know before you call the dentist. Invisalign aligners are generally called invisible braces, but they are not actually braces and offer many advantages in addition to being clear.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a brand name for a type of orthodontic product that straightens teeth. The aligners are clear plastic trays that are shaped to fit over your teeth. You wear them all the time except when you are eating or brushing your teeth; generally about 22 hours a day is recommended. You clean your Invisalign trays by simply rinsing then in warm tap water or with an Invisalign cleaning kit.

Each set of trays is designed to be worn for two weeks. By switching to a new set every two weeks during your treatment, you always have fresh aligners that continue to move your teeth into proper position. For most adults, the entire treatment time is about one year. For teenagers it’s usually a bit longer.

Here are a few things you need to know before you decide on Invisalign:

 1. Cost

The cost of Invisalign is generally more than braces, but not as much more as many people expect. The cost depends on where you live and how serious your dental misalignment is. Insurance often covers at least part of Invisalign treatment.

2. It’s for adults (or near adults) only

Invisalign is not for children. Invisalign Teen is suitable for teens who have lost all their baby teeth.

 3. It doesn’t correct all orthodontic problems

Serious bite issues may require braces. Invisalign is great for moving teeth horizontally, but if you have an overbite or other serious bite issue, your dentist may recommend braces.

 4. You’ll need a little post treatment care

You may need a retainer after Invisalign treatment. The good news is that Invisalign makes a clear retainer that may be suitable. Your dentist will determine if you need a retainer and which type will work for you if you do.

 5. They’re invisible, comfortable and require less check-ups

The most exciting things about Invisalign are:

  • they are clear and nearly invisible
  • they are comfortable
  • there is no need to adjust to eating or brushing your teeth with them because they are removable.
  • you see your dentist for checkups about every six weeks during treatment, which is much less often than the number of visits required for people who wear braces.
Is Invisalign for you? Find out.

If you’re interested in finding out if Invisalign is right for you, don’t wait another minute! Take advantage of our complimentary consultation.