Silver amalgam was once the standard filling material used in dentistry. Unfortunately, these fillings contain 50% mercury, which is one of the most toxic elements on the planet. The vapors emitted by mercury fillings are capable of affecting your nervous system and kidneys, and may interfere with brain development in unborn children and infants.

Some dental establishments maintain that mercury fillings are safe to use in the mouth, but how can this be, when it is illegal to wash these same fillings down the drain, put them in the trash, or even flush them down a toilet?

Other countries have already banned dental mercury from use, but the FDA has yet to issue an official warning or ban in the United States, despite plenty of research demonstrating amalgam’s risks. According to a report from the Scientific Advisory Board of the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology), it is “incompatible with current valid scientific evidence” to condone the use of amalgam fillings on any patient, but especially in children and pregnant women.

For all of these reasons and more, Santa Monica dentist Dr. Ana Brightleaf only uses mercury-free materials in her dental restorations. If you have old amalgam fillings that you would like to replace, Dr. Brightleaf can help you do this safely and naturally, replacing them with white porcelain fillings that are not only safer, but more durable and longer-lasting than metal fillings. Porcelain fillings also have the advantage of matching your natural tooth color, making your restorations look virtually unnoticeable.

If you have old amalgam fillings that you would like to replace, please contact Brightleaf Cosmetic & Holistic Dentistry today to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Brightleaf. We serve patients in the Santa Monica, Culver City, and Brentwood areas of California.