Santa Monica dentist outlines the quickest and most cost-effective way to improve your smile

Teeth whitening Santa ACMonicaDo you ever wish you had someone else’s perfect smile? Have you tried every method to remove those dark spots on your teeth? Does it seem that your teeth never get any whiter no matter how well you clean them? Are you ready to polish your image and your teeth with a fresh new look?

If you are, then perhaps it is time to contact your cosmetic dentist in Santa Monica for an appointment. Professional teeth whitening is the most cost-effective way to say goodbye to stained teeth and quickly improve your smile.

Why can’t I make my yellow teeth like new again?

Years of coffee, wine and food have left their mark, quite literally, on your teeth. That is why they don’t look as white to you anymore. Toothpastes only brush away some of the stains left behind, but they cannot get everything. Additionally, some stains are so deep they need the strength of professional whitening to remove them.

Why not use a whitening kit from the drugstore?

Home teeth whitening kits are the rage, but they only have a low-powered whitening agent. You have to use them for a very long time to get even a shade or two whiter, and the end result can be disappointing. These kits simply cannot make a big difference or remove deeply embedded stains. Another issue is that sometimes the whitening agent comes into contact with your gums and causes unnecessary irritation.

How is professional whitening different?

Professional whitening offers these benefits:

  • A more powerful whitening agent, in fact more than five times the strength of any drugstore product
  • Custom-fitted trays, so there is no contact with the gums
  • Your Santa Monica cosmetic dentist is able to noticeably whiten yellow teeth and dark stains in your first visit
Ready for whiter teeth, here’s where you can learn more

Contact a cosmetic dental clinic in Santa Monica. Once your needs are assessed,  an impression of your teeth will be taken to custom-measure you for trays that fit securely. This ensures there are no issues with the whitening agent leaking and irritating your gums.

If you are looking for safe teeth whitening, make sure the dental clinic does all their professional teeth whitening with non-toxic, non-invasive products.