Teeth Whitening In Santa Monica

Most people agree that beautiful teeth present a more desirable and attractive smile, and teeth whitening is still the most cost-effective way to improve your smiletoday. You probably already know this is achieved using peroxide compounds, but here are three things about this process you may not know.


Every modern tooth whitener utilizes some form of peroxide. This is because it instantly begins to penetrate the inner area of your tooth enamel, and, when used by your dentist, it is completely comfortable. There are three main classes of strengths available today. They are:


There are no major concerns about teeth whitening safety, however, the DIY whitening kits frequently cause gum irritation and tooth hypersensitivity. These mass-produced trays and strips do not fit well, so the whitening agent comes into contact with your gums. Professional teeth whitening methods do not have this problem, however, because the trays are custom-fitted to your teeth. This is important, because it prevents any of the whitening agent from leaking.


The outcome of any teeth whitening procedure is determined by the the whitening potential of each patient. Individual results are greatly improved, however, when you first have your teeth professionally cleaned to remove stubborn surface stains. Additionally, having your teeth whitened professionally ensures that you achieve your maximum level of whitening without worries about irritating your gums.


Contact your Santa Monica dentist and schedule a teeth whitening consultation.

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