“Why is teeth whitening at Brightleaf Dental better than home whitening kits? Here’s why…”

dental-whitening-home-vs-dentist-santa-monicaAre you happy with the general shape of your teeth, but just wish they were a bit brighter or whiter? Have your teeth gotten so yellow and stained that even your normally sweet nephew thought he should mention it right before you blew out the candles at your birthday party last week?

Have you considered teeth whitening to see how well it actually works? You are not alone, and there are many options to choose from. Each method offers varying degrees of results. Let’s look at what is available, as it may help you decide.

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What are the types of teeth whitening?

We have all seen television commercials promising to deliver whiter smiles, and the list of products includes toothpastes, mouth rinses, home systems and whitening strips.

  • Toothpastes and rinses may taste nice, but they are not in contact with the surface of your teeth long enough to do any noticeable whitening. They might, however, help prevent further staining.
  • Home systems include a tray for your teeth and a gel whitening agent of three percent. After several weeks of consistent use, they may produce a slightly whiter shade. People commonly complain that they are messy, unpleasant-tasting, and the trays don’t fit to your teeth very well.
  • Whitening strips offer the best drugstore result. They contain a whitening agent of six percent, and the strips adhere to your front teeth pretty well. These also take several weeks to produce a subtle but noticeable shade of white. The main complaint is that the effect is uneven because the strips don’t stick to back teeth very well.
  • Teeth whitening by Santa Monica cosmetic dentist Dr. Ana Brightleaf offer the most noticeable results. Your treatment begins with a deep bleaching in out Santa Monica office. Then, you’ll take custom-fitted trays home to bleach every night for 10 days. Finally, you return for shade evaluation and a second in-office bleach. The 25 percent whitening agent that Dr. Ana Brightleaf uses produces brighter, whiter teeth in about two weeks.

Tetracyline stained teeth. Improved by Deep Bleaching

What is the bottom line?

Budget often has the final say, so if teeth whitening cost is a factor then you may opt for one of the drugstore solutions. If you want quick, superior and professional results, however, then schedule a teeth whitening appointment with Brightleaf Dental today.