Santa Monica Headaches, Migraines, And Muscle Pain

How Your Teeth Could Be Causing Your Headaches, Migraines, And Muscle Pain

Headaches and migraines are no picnic, especially when they are chronic and severe. Perhaps you feel discouraged because you have tried relentlessly to resolve yours using various forms of pain relief, including over-the-counter NSAIDS, acupuncture or even dietary changes, but nothing works longterm. If this sounds familiar, then it might surprise you to discover that your teeth could be the real culprit behind your daily suffering. Here’s what you need to know.

Teeth That Hurt

The structure and alignment of your teeth play a significant role in your oral health and physical well-being. Crooked, missing and broken teeth can all lead to a bad bite. When teeth no longer fit together, your jaw works harder during normal functions like chewing and biting. Misaligned teeth may also cause the onset of repetitive grinding and jaw clenching. This is how your body tries to cope, but instead it causes more problems, including:

What Treatment Is Available?

The dental treatment depends on the cause of your misalignment, but here are a few options:

Learn More

Contact your Santa Monica dentist, for a complimentary consultation. He or she will thoroughly examine your teeth and jaw structure to help determine if your teeth may be the cause of your pain.

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