Amalgam fillings are not only unsightly in your smile, they also contain mercury that can put you at risk for mercury toxicity. Brentwood area dentist Dr. Ana Brightleaf replaces amalgam fillings with composite fillings and porcelain onlays and crowns for the safety and well-being of our patients.

Benefits of replacing your mercury fillings include:
  • Biocompatible and BPA-free materials replace your mercury fillings. We use safe materials that are not harmful to your body.
  • Repair and restore your natural teeth. When removing amalgam fillings, we have found that 90% of teeth are decayed or fractured underneath the old amalgam fillings.
  • Safe removal with the Isolite system. Our removal process ensures that you don’t ingest mercury or other metals during your procedure. Post amalgam removal, the patient rinses with high-grade and effective chlorella to chelate the mercury from the oral tissues
  • Strength in your bite. Composite fillings and porcelain restorations are bonded directly to your tooth to provide added strength and less vulnerability to breaking.
  • Natural looking results. Using composite fillings and porcelain onlays, we will match your tooth color to make sure your procedure results in a beautiful, natural looking smile.

If you would like to have your amalgam fillings safely removed and replaced with composite or porcelain, please call 310-734-2511 or contact Brightleaf Cosmetic & Holistic Dentistry to schedule your consultation with Brentwood area dentist Dr. Ana Brightleaf.