Metal fillings can put your health at risk.”


For more than a hundred and fifty years, metal amalgam fillings were the standard in general dentistry practice. But advances in technology have given us a better option. Santa Monica dentist Dr. Ana Brightleaf recommends replacing old amalgam fillings with safer and more aesthetically pleasing porcelain fillings.

What’s wrong with metal fillings?

Aside from the unsightly appearance of metal fillings in your mouth, amalgam fillings also contain small amounts of mercury that can put your health at risk. Mercury toxicity has been linked to immune deficiency diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, seizures, muscle spasms, and fibromyalgia. Although studies have not yet linked dental fillings containing mercury to increased development of these diseases, we practice mercury-free dentistry for the well-being of our patients.

Complimentary Consultation


Other benefits of replacing your amalgam fillings with tooth-colored porcelain fillings include:

  • Less sensitivity to cold food and drinks
  • More flexibile, making your tooth less vulnerable to cracks and gaps
  • Added strength because the composite fillings are bonded directly to your tooth
  • Less removal of healthy tooth (less drilling!) because the composite fillings  are bonded directly to your tooth and do not require your dentist to drill a hole for the filling to sit in.

Remove your mercury safely

At Brightleaf Dental, we are committed to whole body healing. To ensure your safety and comfort during the removal of your amalgam fillings, we:

  • use the Isolite system during your procedure to prevent mercury or other metals from being ingested during removal
  • provide you with pure oxygen for uninterrupted breathing
  • use an advanced suction device to remove the amalgam material
  • continuously flush your mouth with water to rinse out the amalgam and the affected teeth
  • provide a chlorella rinse to promote healing and comfort
  • administer Bach Flower Remedies and homeopathic products for whole body treatment as part of our holistic dentistry practice

Get the benefits

After your amalgam fillings have been safely removed, we will prepare your teeth for porcelain inlays or composite fillings and restore your smile with durable, natural looking porcelain.
To experience the benefits of replacing your metal fillings, please call (310) 626-4106 today to schedule your consultation with dentist Dr. Ana Brightleaf. Her holistic approach to dentistry will keep it natural.