“There is a non-toxic alternative for mercury fillings…”

Remove the mercury fillings and replace them with metal free fillings

Traditional metal fillings, the silver colored ones we all know so well, are made of a mixture or amalgamation of metals. They’re called amalgam fillings for that reason.
These fillings contain mercury, which is a poison. While people have had their teeth filled with mercury fillings for years and they have been deemed safe by the American Dental Association, there is a non-toxic alternative which is better for patients and better for the environment.

In addition to their safety, composite fillings, also known as invisible or mercury-free fillings, are are tooth colored making them the obvious choice for cosmetic reasons.
As the debate over the safety of mercury-containing fillings continues, Santa Monica dentist Dr. Ana Brightleaf favors composite fillings made of plastic or porcelain, because they contain no toxins and present no health or environmental concerns.

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Why you’ll love metal-free fillings

Better bond

Mercury fillings are packed into a cavity, and they can fall out. Porcelain fillings bond to the tooth and virtually become part of it. This makes composite fillings more of a true repair than simply a filling.

More healthy tooth retained

In order to place a metal filling, the dentist has to remove the decay around the cavity and inevitably, some healthy tooth is also removed so the filling can be packed in. Composite fillings don’t require this dramatic removal of healthy tooth.

No reaction to temperature changes

Metal fillings can expand or contract with temperature changes. This can cause cracks in the tooth. Composite fillings protect the tooth from temperature changes.

Better for the environment

The amount of mercury used in amalgam fillings across the world is a threat to the environment. Amalgam waste from dental offices that use metal fillings can wind up in our air and our water.

Choose a mercury-free dental practice

Brightleaf Dental is committed to maintaining the highest standards of care for each of our patients. As such, we are a mercury-free dental practice, offering safe, tooth colored porcelain fillings over traditional amalgam fillings. Santa Monica dentist Dr. Ana Brightleaf also offers the removal of old amalgam fillings. 

Our white, tooth colored fillings are not only safe, they’re also an aesthetic upgrade over highly noticeable metal fillings.

If you would like to learn more about mercury-free fillings, please contact Brightleaf Dental to schedule your personal consultation with Santa Monica dentist Dr. Ana Brightleaf.