As the holiday festivities begin and the year 2016 comes to a close, we want to share the gift of some of our favorite reviews throughout the year. It’s by listening to you providing individualized care that makes the experience here at Brightleaf Dental memorable and positive.

At Brightleaf Dental, we are honored to care for your smile and hope to support your oral and overall health with services that are personalized, safe and healthy. Give your local Santa Monica dentist a call at (310) 395-1810 to schedule your visit with Dr. Brightleaf.

Timothy H.

“For the first time in my life I can say”I like my smile”. Thank you Dr. Brightleaf for everything you did to make this happen.”

Kenneth L.

“Excellent. Felt taken very good care of on my first visit. Caring, thorough, professional and informed me in a gentle and compulsory manner. Since I require extensive work, I needed the approach that Brightleaf’s office gave me. This is now my dentist. Happy me!”

John L.

“The hygienist that worked on me was a rock star. By far the best I’ve had in my 40 years of dental experiences. This one’s a keeper!”

Emily S.

“Office is bright and clean. Love the staff. They always call for appointments and are fast at responding. It is hard to find a great Dentist and I would recommend Brightleaf Dental to anyone.”

Laren B.

“My teeth had become sort of sensitive around the gum line, so when I went in for a cleaning I was a little concerned that it might be uncomfortable, I told Kim, the hygienist, about the situation and was astounded at how easy it all went. I left with squeaky clean teeth and a very happy mouth.”


William T.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Brightleaf’s for several years. I trust her extensive dental skills and experience. When my previous holistic dentist retired, he recommended Dr. Brightleaf without hesitation. The staff is efficient and friendly. The office modern, clean, and holistically oriented. I appreciate that Dr. Brightleaf explains procedures and what to expect, along with the options, as well as detailed aftercare instructions. In the time I’ve been a patient, care has ranged from basic dental services to more extensive restorations, all handled to my complete satisfaction.”

Dorothee H.

“I just had a cleaning done at my last visit. And was glad Ben (the new hygienist) explained me some crucial tiny details about the techniques of flossing my teeth, no one has ever told me before! Now at home, in-cooperating these techniques, I am finally not banging the floss against my gums anymore, which always irritated them … So that I wondered if I should just stick with the water pick by itself… As always the staff and of course Mrs. Brightleaf were wonderful, taking time and answering all my questions about an upcoming treatment. Different options and their office
specific treatment and techniques for their porcelain only crowns, the layering, the materials, costs, and payment plan options. So I left with clean teeth and learned a lot. Thank you!”


Heidi L.

“Dr.Brightleaf (dentist’s dentist) and staff listened to my concerns with understanding, kindness and expertise care. Thank you.”

Nadine L.

“A friend referred us to Dr Brightleaf, I am glad she did. I felt my daughter and I were in good hands.”

Chantell H.

“Everyone was very attentive and seemed like they cared. I had a great experience. Thanks so much!”

Laren B.

“Yet another fine experience at (of all places) the dentist. This time was a teeth cleaning and the new hygienist was terrific. She was knowledgeable and encouraging, with useful information on areas where I might focus to get even better results. The other technicians and support staff greeted me with cheery hellos and I walked out of there feeling good, not only about my teeth, but also that I had been in a pace I was cared about and for.”


Dorothee H.

“As always everyone was very nice and forthcoming and on time. Dr. Brightleaf doesn’t double book and concentrates on one patient at a time. This time I had to have three teeth done (a long overdue treatment). 2 teeth needed new fillings. And one crown had to be replaced. Which my previous dentist just didn’t get right (even when I considered him one of the best dentists in Santa Monica). Anyways, the two fillings were done with three layers of different composites, to the mimic the teeth original and different densities (that’s what I picked up and wanted to note as a short explanation.) Then the tooth that had decay underneath the crown, which had to be replaced turned out to be much bigger than anticipated and it took way longer to precisely remove all but only the infected material. Ms. Brightleaf still never rushes and keeps 200% focused to deliver the best work and she adds medication and did not charge me for part of the procedure that was $340.

When work is done that includes drilling, a device is used (forgot what it is exactly called) that keeps debris from falling down you throat and keeps your mouth open as well as adjusted, while also preventing liquids from running down. Even when it feels a bit crowded at first, I like this device since I didn’t have to worry about accidentally swallowing or inhaling any unwanted things; and I got used to it quickly.

For comfort her assistant keeps your lips moist with herbal lip balm. I always appreciate the calm atmosphere at the office and between everyone working there. Some of the procedures aren’t that funny so I really appreciate the nice team here. Thank you!”


At Brightleaf Dental, we strive to be the best dentist in Santa Monica with services in general, cosmetic, neuromuscular (TMJ), sleep disorder and holistic dentistry. Whether you desire a more youthful and beautiful appearance with cosmetic dentistry or desire relief with TMJ therapy or preventive dentistry, we work with you to not only treat and prevent dental issues but to care for your oral health in a way that can benefit your overall health for years to come. Schedule a consultation today when you call (310) 395-1810 or visit your local Santa Monica dentist at Brightleaf Dental.