Are you ready to reverse the signs of aging with a (non-surgical) facelift?

As you age, your face changes shape. There are a number of reasons for this, including the changes that take place to your teeth. As you can imagine, the chewing and grinding action will wear down your teeth over time and they may lose their shape, too. How your teeth are positioned in your mouth has a great effect on face shape. Today, people have far better health than they used to, particularly in their older years. Dental treatment is available to improve your teeth’s appearance and how you feel about yourself.

Is this the end to crooked, jagged and yellowing teeth?

If you look in the mirror and see that noticeable gaps are beginning to form between your teeth and there is a tinge of yellow that frequent cleaning won’t fix, you don’t need to live with this for any longer. The same applies to cracked, chipped or missing teeth. There is a dental solution for these flaws too. The shape of your teeth affects your facial appearance, but with modern tried and tested dental techniques that are minimally invasive all these flaws can be fixed.

Rebuild your facial foundation

If it is just a question of covering up minor flaws, porcelain veneers can be bonded to teeth that have noticeable blemishes. They can be fitted to match the color and shape of neighboring teeth so they are not noticeable and all people will see is a nice, white smile. If you have any teeth missing, there are various options available which include dental implants, bridges, and crowns. All of these can improve your face shape by helping to preserve teeth and jaw alignment.

Arch widening, also called palatal widening, can be used to expand the jaw area. Special appliances, similar to braces, are fixed in place to widen the arch. This adds lift to the jaw and cheeks with the added benefit of making more space for overcrowded teeth. Many adults in particular think that reshaping teeth is not for them because braces are so noticeable.

Today’s braces don’t look like railroads any longer. Even the metal ones are less conspicuous, but there are invisible braces available, too, which gently move your teeth into the right position. No one will know you are wearing them but what a great improvement to your smile.

Want a lift?

If you want to age gracefully, it may be time to have a good look at your teeth and give them the treatment that they need. This could make them – and you – feel so much better. You should be able to look people in the eye and not turn your head to hide your face.

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