Are natural, biological, and holistic dentistry all the same?

holistic dentistry, santa monica, pacific palisades, beverly hills, brentwood caIf you are looking for a natural dentist, you may want to look for the words “biological” or “holistic” as you search. Natural, biological, and holistic dentistry are all different words that describe the same thing: a philosophy of dentistry that looks that the whole person rather than just the mouth. This way of treating dental patients is described differently by different people. Here is a brief summary of what each of the terms mean.

Holistic dentistry

The term “holistic” refers to the concept of treating the whole person. Holistic dentists understand the correlation between oral health and overall health and help patients improve both. They routinely recommend dietary changes and/or natural supplements to restore optimal balance of body chemistry because maintaining the proper conditions for a healthy mouth and body is key to preventing problems.

Natural dentistry

The term “natural” refers to the fact that natural dentists will use natural remedies whenever possible. Since they are concerned with your overall health, they oppose dental practices that may potentially damage your health such as filling cavities with metal compounds containing mercury. A holistic dentist would rather help you find natural ways to prevent cavities in the first place than constantly patch the holes in your mouth with dangerous neurotoxins. If you do get a cavity, a natural dentist will treat it with materials that are not harmful to your body.

Biological dentistry

“Biological” simply means the study of life. Biological dentists are committed to studying life and discovering the secrets to a healthy mouth on the molecular level. They don’t define good dental health as the absence of cavities but as achieving the optimal oral environment.

 Is holistic dentistry for you?

These three labels can be applied to the same dentist. While they are interchangeable, they describe different aspects of the same dental philosophy. It is holistic because it looks at the whole person, natural because it pursues a natural remedy whenever possible, and biological because it studies the chemical processes in the mouth.

If you would like to learn more about holistic dentistry, come in for a complimentary consultation.