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Here's What Your Dentist Is Looking For During Your Cleaning

Your biannual dental cleaning should happen like clockwork, every six months. Although it’s classified as a “routine” procedure, there’s more going on during this appointment than meets the eye — or the mouth.

Dr. Nazila Satvat and our team at Brightleaf Dental not only aim to maintain your oral health, but head off any potential problems by taking a preventive approach to your oral health as well. In other words, we’re doing more than simply cleaning your teeth when you see us.

The dental cleaning process

There’s no question that we meticulously deep clean your teeth when you visit us, and our cleaning goes way beyond what you do at home. We:

Everyone develops plaque, but if you don’t manage to rid your teeth of it during home care, it hardens and becomes tartar, which can only be removed with the professional tools we have here at Brightleaf Dental. 

What else is my dentist doing during my cleaning?

Dr. Satvat scans your mouth for several worrisome conditions, including:

No one sees the true condition of your mouth — not even you — as well as Dr. Satvat and our team. We’re armed with dental mirrors and other tools that allow us to scrupulously review every inch of your mouth. 

Dr. Satvat ensures that your gums are in tiptop shape and checks not only the insides of your cheeks, tongue, throat, and the roof of your mouth for oral cancer, but your neck and head too. 

We also regularly spot and treat problems that appear due to common oral infections, such as thrush (a fungal infection), canker sores, and gingivitis, gum disease’s precursor. 

Dr. Satvat counsels you on a strategy for correcting problems associated with your bite or any damaged teeth as well. 

The key that will make your dental cleaning appointment a breeze

Now that you know your regular dental checkup and cleaning offers more than you thought, it’s important to remember that you have a critical role in ensuring that you continue to receive an A+ at your checkups. 

Your dental hygiene is the single most important determinant in maintaining your mouth’s current and future health. This means brushing twice daily, flossing daily, and if needed, using a post-brushing rinse that kills bacteria. Lifestyle choices, particularly refraining from using tobacco, also make a big difference.

Doing more now means doing less later

Know that our meticulous attention during your routine exams means that future problems are minimized or prevented entirely. Call us to make an appointment for your next cleaning, or just book an appointment online

Dr. Nazila Satvat

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