Full Mouth Reconstruction Explained By A Santa Monica Dentist

If you have long been unhappy with broken or cracked teeth, an uneven bite or badly stained teeth, you may feel overwhelmed and wondering what to do. Don’t be discouraged, however, because a full mouth reconstruction may provide what you are looking for with three added benefits.


Whether your teeth are badly chipped, broken or missing altogether, or you have stains that are deeply-embedded in your tooth enamel, you can benefit from a combination of porcelain veneerscrowns or dental implants to repair the damage and protect your natural teeth.

The real benefit is healthier teeth, but you will also love your beautiful new smile.


Orthodontics, or braces, help to straighten your teeth and move them into proper alignment. This change doesn’t happen overnight, of course, but you don’t have to wear uncomfortable or unsightly metal braces. There are options today, including Invisalign braces, that are nearly invisible and removable. This means you can still eat comfortably and clean your teeth thoroughly.

The end result is teeth that are in their correct alignment, which means less pressure on your TM joints and an overall healthier bite.


A full mouth construction is often called a non-surgical facelift because it can make you look younger. During the aging process, your teeth shift and become worn down from years of use. When this happens, your lips and cheeks lose an important part of their foundation. This causes your lips to curl in and appear thinner. Your cheeks also begin to sag and lose definition.

A procedure, called palatal widening, expands the arch area. This helps to add lift and support to the jaw and cheek areas and makes more room for overcrowded teeth. The added benefit of this procedure is a refreshed, younger-looking appearance.


A full mouth reconstruction requires a considerable financial investment and a significant time commitment before you decide to proceed. It is also important that you find a Santa Monica Cosmetic dentist who is trained to a high level of expertise in dental makeovers. Your dentist will conduct a full evaluation of your existing teeth and jaw structure before recommending the procedures that will best suit your individual needs.

If you are interested in learning more, please schedule a complimentary consultation.


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