5 surprising facts about TMJ neck pain

If you have been struggling with annoying neck pain and can’t understand where it is coming from, you could be dealing with a problem that stems from your jaw. Think about your pain. If nothing works to make it go away and there is no physical problem in your neck, you’re could be looking in the wrong place. It’s time to pay attention to your jaw and think about TMJ neck pain. Here are five surprising facts that can help you understand what TMJ neck pain is all about.

1. Your neck pain could be caused by your jaw

The temporomandibular joint connects your lower and upper jaw. It’s a delicate system, complete with nerves, muscles, and ligaments. When something is out of alignment, you’ll be dealing with inflammation, strain, and pain – sometimes radiating pain. The pain that started in the jaw can radiate to your ears, your head, your shoulders, or your neck.

2. Stress could be your problem

TMJ neck pain could be due to stress. If you are under a great deal of pressure during the day, constantly clenching your teeth, and grinding your teeth at night, you are putting a great deal of strain on your jaw. Don’t be surprised if being tense affects your neck as well.

3. That old injury could be to blame

If you played sports or were in an accident that caused a blow to your jaw, don’t be surprised if it’s the reason your neck is hurting now. Your jaw could have been forced out of alignment and now your body is telling you about it.

4. TMJ neck pain doesn’t go away on its own

If you’ve been hoping your pain would simply go away, that’s not going to happen. When there is an underlying problem with your jaw, you need to address it and find a treatment.

5. You can make TMJ neck pain go away

Consult a TMJ specialist and find out what you can do to make your neck pain a thing of the past. After a physical examination and testing, your TMJ dentist can prescribe options such as medication, physical therapy, or an oral appliance.

Do you have TMJ? Find out

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