Do Facial Piercings Affect Oral Health?

facial piercing, oral health,  santa monica, pacific palisades, beverly hills,  brentwood ca Piercings appear on the faces of people of all ages, from teens to adults. It is quite common to glimpse a tongue piercing during conversations and hard to miss that lip piercing.

But, did you know that oral jewelry can be detrimental to your oral health? Here are 4 ways facial piercings can affect your oral health.

1. An increased risk of decay

Over time the metal jewelry scraping and rubbing on your teeth may damage the enamel on your teeth. This opens the door for decay to set in, leading to additional problems. A crack caused by that tongue ring creates a prime opportunity for food particles to get trapped and start the decay process. Before you know it, a cavity has developed or your tooth breaks.

2. Damaged nerves

A piercing in your tongue can puncture nerves, causing your tongue to feel numb. This impacts speech making it difficult to pronounce words correctly. Not only can punctured nerves affect your tongue but may also affect the movement of your face.

3. Infections and choking hazards

Your mouth is a haven for bacteria and an oral piercing leaves you at risk for developing an infection. An infection in your tongue is painful and makes speaking, eating, and swallowing difficult. The inability to swallow correctly can cause you to choke on foods and drinks which, in turn, can lead to severe health troubles.

4. Broken teeth

Lip piercings may cause tooth and gum damage as well. The constant bumping of the lip ring against gums and teeth have the same detrimental effect as a tongue ring leading to chips, cracks, and breaks in teeth. Lip rings can cause your gums to recede; occasionally the recession is severe and needs medical attention to repair the damage.

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Before you follow through with a tongue ring or a lip ring consider the potential oral health issues that can be caused by the piercing.

If you have any questions about the safety of your facial piercings, please ask and I’ll reply by tomorrow.