Dr. Ana Brightleaf:

“Because, as a dentist and health care provider, I provide SOLUTIONS that not only address your apparent DENTAL NEEDS, but also consider how that can produce A BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE FOR YOU”  What does that mean?

You might be unhappy or suffering discomfort because of:

  • the appearance of your teeth
  • oral issues that, unknown to you, are affecting your overall health
  • chronic tooth pain
  • dental-health-related headaches, jaw,ear or neck pain
  • a serious sleep disorder

As a consequence, you may:

  • lack confidence Read more
  • be sensitive about bad breath or bleeding gums  Read more
  • live in chronic TMJ pain Read more
  • experience poor quality sleep, impacting your work performance or safety  Read more

And not only can these significantly influence how you feel, any of them can have a profoundly disturbing effect on your career and social life.

Did you know that all these problems can be related to dental issues?

Indeed, many problems that baffle doctors can be successfully addressed and solved by a dentist specially trained to work with them. When you allow us to provide treatment for any of the situations described above, the results you enjoy will enhance your quality of life.

So how specifically can I provide you with a better quality of life?

Cosmetic dental treatment
Like porcelain veneers, dental implants or teeth whitening that can make you feel like a movie star, and give you the confidence to be more successful in your daily life, work and relationships. Read more

Smart orthodontic treatment
For adults this will straighten your teeth invisibly, effectively and beautifully. Read more

Gum disease treatment
Will keep your mouth healthy, make your teeth last longer and help you live longer.  Read more

Neuromuscular (TMJ) treatment
This can free you from the muscle pain and strain caused by a misaligned bite.  Read more

Sleep disorder treatment
This can stop snoring and control sleep apnea. Read more

We designed our practice around a core of key guiding principles:

Independent scientific research proves that your oral health has a direct impact on your entire body. We seek out and pursue breakthrough continuing education courses to ensure your treatment is based on the latest information, techniques and materials. Read more

We employ non-invasive, gentle treatments such as low radiation digital x-rays, metal-free fillings and crowns, non-toxic, drug-free relaxation remedies.  Read more

Our advanced leading edge devices, such as the TENS, T-Scan, Diode Laser, and Alpha-Stim Unit help us detect,alleviate and treat symptoms of face pain, bite misalignment, and gum disease before they become serious.  Read more

We “advise” you on effective dental treatments, we don’t “sell” anything you don’t want or need.  Read more

Ongoing Care
Your care doesn’t end when you leave our office. Through follow-ups, we make sure you are happy and healthy long after the treatment is complete.  Read more

Go for the quality of life you deserve

“When people are looking for a dentist, understandably, they have many questions. I sincerely hope what I have shared with you provides you with a clear overview of who I am, what I do, what I believe in, and how that applies to you.

When something is wrong in your mouth, it can have an impact on your bite, your jaw alignment, your muscles, your posture, your sleep and more. Any of these can affect your career, your relationships and your longevity. We are here to help you. Life is really too short to go without the quality you deserve. Benefit from what we believe in: Dental Solutions for a Better Quality of Life.”

Dr. Ana Brightleaf