When you are missing teeth, you may be embarrassed by your smile and dealing with a bite that doesn’t function properly. In Santa Monica, Dr. Brightleaf’s implant dentistry practice helps patients like you regain a healthy, attractive smile.

A dental implant requires a series of procedures to implant a titanium screw in your jaw bone to give your implanted tooth the strength it would have from a natural tooth root. Your implant is then capped with a porcelain crown so that it blends seamlessly with your natural teeth. The implant process will take several months to complete because your gums will need time to heal between the initial implant surgery and the placement of your crown.

A dental bridge is another good option for replacing a missing tooth or teeth. With a dental bridge, an artificial tooth is anchored in place by your surrounding teeth. Because no replacement is put in place for your missing tooth root, there is no surgical recovery time required. The dental bridge process can be completed within a couple of visits to our office.

To find out whether dental implants or a dental bridge is right for you, please call 310-734-2511 or contact Brightleaf Cosmetic & Holistic Dentistry to schedule your implant dentistry consultation with Santa Monica dentist Dr. Ana Brightleaf.