A Dentist in Santa Monica answers the question, “Can cosmetic dental treatments improve your oral health?”

Can cosmetic dental treatments improve your oral health?,dentist in santa monica, beverly hills, pacific palisades, brentwood, caGetting a brand new smile can work wonders and give anyone a bit more confidence. If you have any chipped, missing, crooked or stained teeth, you have probably even glanced in the mirror occasionally and wondered how you would look with a more beautiful smile.

But can cosmetic dental treatments improve your oral health as well? Here are some common issues and how your dentist can resolve it with a cosmetic procedure while simultaneously improving both your smile and oral health.

What are some typical dental issues?
  1. Chipped and cracked teeth are often caused when someone accidentally gets hit in the mouth. While minor chips don’t usually have a serious impact on oral health, they can weaken the tooth and make it more vulnerable to a larger break. A minor chip or crack is usually repaired in your Santa Monica Dental clinic with a simple dental bonding procedure. In no time at all, your teeth are good as new.
  2. Broken teeth are usually caused from biting down on a hard food substance like candy or ice. If there is an unseen cavity, however, it may also weaken a tooth enough to cause it to break. If the broken tooth is deep enough to expose the nerve, it is usually very painful. A porcelain veneer or dental crown not only covers the broken area, but it also allows you to keep your natural tooth while protecting it against further damage.
  3. Crooked teeth may or may not look bad, but it is harder to clean between them. This increases the risk for gum disease and tooth decay. Modern invisible braces are an easy way to gain straighter, healthier and more beautiful teeth.
  4. When missing teeth are not replaced, neighboring teeth take advantage of the extra space and begin to shift. This causes your bite to move into an unnatural alignment. To compensate, people can begin to grind their teeth to try to force them to fit together. This not only wears teeth down, but it also increases pressure on the TM joints and may even lead to TMJ. Custom-fitted dentures, bridges or permanent dental implants help to prevent this joint disorder while giving you a more beautiful smile.
Where can you learn more?

Contact your dentist to determine how cosmetic dental treatments can improve your oral health and improve your smile.