Consequences Of Crooked Or Damaged Teeth In Santa Monica


If you have crooked teeth, then you are already aware of some of the difficulties they present on a daily basis. Struggling to clean between them is often the biggest challenge, but getting mouth sores from biting your cheek isn’t fun either. Aside from that, and not loving they way they detract from your smile, having teeth that aren’t straight doesn’t always require orthodontics, or does it? Here are three consequences you may experience if your teeth remain crooked or damaged.


When teeth are out of alignment or tightly crowded together, it is very difficult to thoroughly clean away all food particles. Unfortunately, this means that the bacteria left behind greatly increases your risk of tooth decay.


As plaque continues to build up between teeth that are crooked, you become increasingly vulnerable to gingivitis. Gum disease, as it is commonly called, seems harmless at first, and this causes many people to miss or disregard these early warning signs. Specifically, you might have bleeding gums, or gums that are bright red in color instead of a healthy shade of pink.

If allowed to progress, this infection becomes a more serious problem known as periodontal disease. This can have some serious outcomes, including:


The third consequence of crooked teeth is a bad bite. What this means is that your teeth no longer fit together properly. Problems begin to develop when the body subconsciously tries to force your teeth back into alignment again through bruxism, or teeth grinding. Over time, repetitive behavior that places ongoing extra pressure on your joints can result in a host of new physical problems, most notably a jaw joint disorder called TMJ. Here are a few commonly seen symptoms:


If you’d like to learn more about how crooked teeth can impact your oral health and what teeth straightening might be best for you, book a consultation with your Santa Monica dentist

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