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CHURN USED Dental Implants: There’s Never Been a Better Replacement Option for Missing Teeth

If you’re an adult who’s missing a tooth (or even more than one), you’re far from alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control, a whopping 36% of Americans have lost at least one tooth

A host of risks to your oral health are posed by just one missing tooth, let alone more. The gap can negatively affect your speech, your ability to chew properly, your facial structure and its symmetry, and your all-important self-esteem.

Dr. Nazila Satvat offers the most advanced treatment for filling that gap in your mouth: a dental implant. She and the Brightleaf Dental team approach your care with an extraordinary blend of technical expertise, expertise in current dental innovations, and sensitivity to your needs and goals. 

What is a dental implant and how can it help me?

A dental implant is simply a permanent screw that is surgically placed below your gum. Attached to it is an abutment that holds the new tooth.  

An amazing fact is that, with time, the implant actually fuses with your jawbone. The other critical task an implant performs is supporting your crown or the prosthetic tooth that fills your gap.

The fact that an implant is a permanent solution for your missing tooth has definite advantages. A dental implant:

With a bridge, the surrounding teeth can develop problems like decay and sometimes aren’t strong enough to support your bridge over the long-term. And the upkeep and care that dentures require put them in the “high maintenance” category.

The advantages of zirconia over titanium as an implant material

Typically, an implant is made from titanium, but Dr. Satvat’s focus on making your smile lovely as well as healthy fueled her decision to offer zirconia implants, which match your teeth much more closely than gray-toned titanium. Other benefits of zirconia include:

According to the Journal of Dental Implants, titanium and zirconia are the only two materials that don’t prevent the implant from being absorbed into the jawbone. Zirconia and titanium happen to be the only two materials that are hard enough to do the challenging task of filling your gap safely. 

What are the steps and typical timeline for a dental implant procedure?

The dental implant procedure is a methodical one. 

Dr. Satvat thoroughly considers your medical and dental history. We take X-ray images and photographs of your mouth, which reveal whether you have a sufficient amount of bone for the procedure. We might also make impressions of your mouth.

A Brightleaf Dental team member injects local anesthetic to the site of your implant so you’re comfortable. Then Dr. Satvat makes a small incision in your gum to accommodate your tissue-compatible, FDA-approved zirconia implant.

After ensuring that your implant is properly placed in your jawbone, she neatly closes your incision. 

Now your implant and jawbone need sufficient time to grow into each other or osseointegrate. You can’t hurry this several-month-long process, because proper healing means you’ll have an implant that’s as strong as a real tooth. 

The final step is placing an abutment on your implant, which will hold your dental crown on the implant screw once the implant-jawbone fusion process is complete. 

View this brief video to learn more about what to expect during the entire implant process.

We’re with you during — and after — your implant procedure

We advise over-the-counter pain medications for you, antibiotics should you need them, and a temporary soft-food diet post-procedure, as you may experience some swelling, soreness, and a bit of bleeding.

A dental implant is the most permanent solution to your missing tooth woes, but you must commit to practicing scrupulous dental hygiene if you want it to last a lifetime (which can be expected), and you may have to have the crown replaced at the 10- or 15-year mark. 

Find out whether you’re a dental implant candidate

If you want to learn more about dental implants, arrange for a consultation with Dr. Satvat. She’s happy to answer your questions. Call our office at 424-243-0099 or simply book an appointment online.

Dr. Nazila Satvat

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