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Choosing The Right Dentist For You

Whether you have recently moved to the Santa Monica area or you are simply looking for a new dentist in your long-time city, there are many different things you should take into consideration. After all, you don’t want you relationship with your dentist to be one that only lasts one check up. You want a dentist whom you can see year after year. Someone who will become familiar with your dental history and who will get to know you as a person. This is especially true if you have a family and are looking to find a dental professional who can take care of all of your teeth. First of all, let’s talk about the many ways you can find out who the best dentists are in your area.


We think the very best way to find the right dentist for you and your family is to ask around. The people who you trust in your life undoubtedly have a dentist they want to rave about. Ask your friends and family members who live in the area which dentists they have seen who they loved as well as which ones they didn’t care for. Additionally, you can try asking your family physician for recommendations. Plain and simple, those who care about you won’t direct you towards a dentist who won’t do a good job.

On the other hand, there is much more that goes into choosing the right dentist for you than just the recommendations of those you know. Continue reading below to learn about the other things you should be looking for in a your local Santa Monica dental office.


Let’s be completely honest, your life is a bit hectic. Between your job, your family and all the random other tasks you have to complete within a 24 hour period, it’s amazing you get anything done at all. With this in mind, the location of your dental office is extremely important. You don’t want to have to drive thirty minutes in the opposite direction of your home or office to get to your dental appointment, do you? We didn’t think so. Start looking for dentists whose offices are located near your most central locations or that are conveniently located between some of your most frequently visited places This will save you plenty of headaches and time in the future.


This may seem a bit silly, but knowing the hours which a specific dental office is open can be a factor that can determines whether an office is right for you or not. Much of the time, dental offices are owned by the one or two people. This gives these dentists the ability to offer less-than-conventional business hours. Check out the availability of any dentist you are considering going to before you ever commit for best results.


Some dental practices like to offer specials to new patients, while other prefer to give discounts to longtime patients. Regardless of which a dentist offers, having some incentive to have a regular cleaning and exam can’t really hurt. This is especially true for those who are not the biggest fans of visiting the dentist in the first place.


You want a dentist who you can rely on always. This means that they should absolutely offer emergency dental services. If you happen to fall and knock out a tooth, you don’t want to have to wait a week to see your dentist. Instead, you want to have a dentist who will fit you in as soon as they can to take care of your oral emergency. Sure, the likelihood of any dentist at all jumping out of bed in the middle of the night to come fix your tooth is slim to none. But it is likely you can find a dentist who will be able to fit you in first thing the next morning.


Let’s face it, no one wants to go into a dental procedure without any idea of what they should expect. Having a dentist who communicates all that you are in for is imperative. This means your dentist will not only let you know what sort of procedures you will be undergoing, but also what the recovery time will be like and also how much everything will cost. Overall, you should feel a general sense of trust when you step into your dental office, regardless of what you are there for.


Lastly, it’s important that the dental office you are considering has an office that makes you feel comfortable each time you walk in the door. For most, this means that the staff is friendly and welcoming, and that the space is clean. If you can’t seem to feel at ease when you enter the office, this might be a good sign that you need to see a dentist at a different facility.


If you live in the Santa Monica area and you are looking for a new dentist, look no further than Ana Brightleaf, DMD. Not only can you get accommodating and friendly care, but you can will also get the very best oral health services possible. If you are interested in learning more about our office, be sure to contact us today. We would love to see you and your smile sooner rather than later.

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