In recent decades we have learned more and more about the extreme toxicity of many compounds we used to accept as safe. Amalgam fillings, for example, contain mercury, and recent research has shown that this mercury can be mobilized by electrical currents in the mouth as well as migrating physically through tooth enamel. As a result many people are looking to have amalgam removal and replacement with metal-free fillings.

The timetable for amalgam filling removal depends on your health.

We do everything we can to make amalgam filling removal safe, such as utilizing the Isolate system, which protects your throat during dental work, but we are working with a highly toxic element. Every time amalgam fillings are removed, there is a possibility for mercury exposure, so it’s important to space amalgam removal out over a period of time that allows your body to recover.

Typically, two fillings will be removed in a single visit, with visits spaced at least a week apart, but if your body is under stress, we may suggest a customized schedule for removal.

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