“Dental implants are an affordable, natural looking solution for missing teeth.”

Missing teeth? Dental implants are an affordable solution

Dental implants offer a permanent solution for missing teeth. Unlike dentures, dental implants are permanent and can be brushed like real teeth. With implants you can say goodbye to denture adhesives, cleaners and cups. Implants are secure, stronger and function better than dentures.

Complimentary Consultation

When you don’t have all your teeth, you can’t chew properly, which can affect your health. Missing teeth makes it hard to practice proper oral hygiene, which can lead to gum disease and the eventual loss of more teeth.

Replacing missing teeth is essential for good oral health, proper eating and enjoyment of food, and for self-confidence in your appearance. Implants are definitely the next best thing to real teeth. No one ever needs to know that your teeth are artificial and you may at times forget it yourself.

Up front vs long term dental implants cost

Implants are better than dentures in almost every way. The problem for many people is that implants are much more expensive. In the long run, there are cost savings with implants because they eliminate the need to continually purchase denture products like adhesives and cleaners. Dentures require multiple dental visits and must be replaced over time.

Unfortunately, the upfront cost of dental implants can be so overwhelming that some people quietly decide they can’t afford them without really considering ways to make implants affordable.

Invest in yourself

Implants are an investment that can be saved up for like anything else. Dental implants are often not covered by insurance, but they may be, depending on your individual plan and on the cause of the lost tooth or teeth.

Here are some other ideas on how to make implants affordable:

Health savings accounts

You can start a health savings account to accumulate money to pay for dental implants. A health savings account (HSA) is tax deductible and available to anyone who has a High deductible Health Plan (HDHP.)

Discount dental plans

Discount dental plans are similar to insurance, but give you discounts on dental services for an annual or monthly fee.

Dental financing plans

Interest-free financing plans, like CareCredit, offer low monthly payments for your dental services.

Tax deductions

Though it is rare, in some cases dental implants may be tax deductible in whole or in part.

Say yes to great health

If you feel like you just can’t afford the dental implants cost, ask yourself how important they could be to your life. If you want great teeth and a great smile again, is it worth saving money for? If the answer is yes, contact our Santa Monica Brightleaf Dental office to book a complimentary consultation.