“Metal braces rank at the top of the list of tooth straightening options.”

Adult braces: effective, fast, beautiful results

Are you dreaming of a perfectly straight set of teeth, but are concerned about wearing braces? Advances in modern dentistry have opened the doors to a variety of options when it comes to braces. Metal braces rank at the top of most dentists list of tooth straightening options. Gone are the large metal brackets of yesterday which became more cosmetically pleasing. Rather than wrap completely around the tooth, the smaller brackets of today adhere to the front, reducing the bulk of braces.

You have options!

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Ceramic braces have clear or tooth coloured brackets and are less noticeable than traditional metal brackets. Although a bit more expensive than metal braces, they work well to straighten teeth.

This option requires more care as the ceramic bracket adhesive may stain if you drink coffee, tea, soda or you smoke. Thorough brushing after meals helps to prevent staining as well as preserve your teeth.

Invisible Braces

dental-clear-bracesInvisible braces suit some adults quite well as they are just as the name implies, virtually invisible. Removable trays are utilized with this method to straighten minor mis-alignments. You will need a new set of trays every two weeks as your teeth move into position. One advantage of invisible braces is that the removable trays allow you to eat without concerning yourself with breaking a wire or bracket.

This type of orthodontic treatment is not as effective as traditional metal braces and not recommended for children or those with severe bite issues or overcrowded teeth.

Metal Braces

Preferred by most dentists, dental-metal-bracesmetal braces rank at the top of tooth straightening options. Rather than wrap completely around the tooth, the smaller brackets of today adhere to the front, reducing the bulk of braces.

Coloured bands gives kids the opportunity to add some fun to wearing braces. Metal braces remain the most effective in correctly straightening teeth, as your dentist is able to address issues such crowded teeth and vertical alignment.

Lingual Braces

dental-lingual-bracesSome adults prefer braces on the backs of teeth, called lingual braces, simply for cosmetic reasons. Brackets and wires placed on the backsides of your teeth cannot be seen unless you open your mouth and tilt your head back. Lingual braces have their own set of pitfalls, as they can be difficult to brush properly and hard for your dentist to adjust.

Get the straight and narrow on healthier teeth

No matter your age, straightening your teeth and correcting bite issues with braces is a healthy choice. Consult Santa Monica dentist Dr. Brightleaf and begin the journey to straight teeth.